Holiday is over, but still having a small break.

My 5 year old kitty died today.  She had polycystic kidney disease.  Her sister from the same litter has it too, but it’s not nearly as advanced.  Don’t worry, though, I’ll get back to knitting soon.  I designed a sweater that I’m really anxious to get started on.


New pattern has arrived!

Finally, I was able to rectify the awful technical difficulties I was having.  The new pattern can be found here.
I’m particularly excited about this pattern because it’s the first I’ve made that is for sale.  I really hope you guys enjoy it!


Swimming in projects.

So. Many.

I do have, however, a small pattern for you guys! I plan on knitting all my Christmas wrapping, since all my gifts will be knits, so I thought, why not knit the bows as well? Make them look a little less ho-hum? So I present to you my Christmas Bow pattern!

What you’ll need:

1 Skein of Christmas-y yarn.  I chose some deep forest green scrap yarn.  It was a worsted weight.  Normally I should have used a size US 8 or 9, but I wanted the bow to be kind of stiff, so I went with a….
Size US 3.75 straight needle.  Make sure it’s kind of long.  Mine is 13 inches.
Crochet hook or tapestry needle for sewing/weaving in ends.


ssk:  slip two stitches one at a time on to the right needle, then insert the left needle through both loops toward the front.  Knit the two stitches together.
k2tog:  Knit two together
sl1k/sl1p:  slip one st as if to knit/purl.


CO 67 sts, or about 13 inches worth.
Row 1:  K
Row 2:  ssk, k until last 2 sts, k2tog
Row 3:  ssk 3x, k until last 6 sts, k2tog 3x.
Row 4:  ssk, BO2 (one of those sts will be the ssk just worked), k until end.
Repeat Row 4.
BO completely.


CO 5 sts
Row 1: sl1k, k to end.
Row 2:  sl1p, p to end
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until piece measures 2.5 inches.
BO, but leave a tail about 3.5 inches long.

Lie the piece down flat so the longest side is facing you.  The straight, middle part is the actual bow (approx. 4.5 inches).  The far edges of the bow will be the two ends.  Fold both so that each tip reaches where the other side was folded, keeping the middle part flat.  Take the wrap, and place it in the middle of the bow lengthwise (short end up).  Wrap it around to the back side of the bow, making sure that the top part of the wrap can reach the bottom.  Sew the top and bottom of the wrap together with a crochet hook or tapestry needle, keeping the bow folded, and encased by the wrap.
Weave in the other ends.

Now of course, this is just a pattern off of which you may create whatever size bow you like.  Simply adjust your needle size, CO number, number of decreases, etc to fit how exactly you want your bow to look.  It’s extremely easy, and a little improvisation is always a good challenge!  I hope you like it!

But why Christmas, and why now??  I do all my Christmas knitting during the summer because it gives me plenty of time to finish, and also, since it’s my summer holiday, I have plenty of time to KNIT KNIT KNIT! I know I’m not the only knitter out there who gets started early… right?