Knitting on crutches

That’s right. I’ll be on crutches for a while. I’m having surgery on both my feet thursday, so I’ll be kind of handicapped! Being stuck in the hospital for five days, however, does have its benefits. I will get a lot of knitting done, and will *hopefully* publish my next pattern toward the end of my hospital stay. I am so excited about this pattern, and here’s why:

About two months ago, one of my supervisors told me she was going to be a grandma again and asked me if I could make a winter set for the little girl. I of course, said yes, and thus the “Pretty in Pink” set was born. I decided to make an easy-to-get-in-and-out-of dress, a hat based off a headband I had as a little girl and a matching pair of booties and mittens. They are all made out of the same pink yarn (it’s Rowan Pure Wool DK but I’m not very good at distinguishing the different pinks online and I don’t have the label close by), except for the hat, which is made with white yarn on the top and a pink bow going along the rim.

I put a TON of work in to this pattern, so I will be charging for it, but not as much as some other designers. I’m so excited to share this pattern with you guys, and I really hope you enjoy making it once it’s published!


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